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Project Details

Demolition and Refurbishment

Project Brief

The project involved the demolition and refurbishment of interconnected wet and dry changing facilities and parent changing rooms within the South Lake Leisure Centre on behalf of the City of Cockburn. The South Lake Leisure Centre is a multi-functional fitness centre that provides local residents with access to a large range of family-friendly facilities and activities, including swimming lessons and training, aquarobics, indoor sports competitions, and a fully equipped gym

Project Description

The project included demolition and removal of all existing doors, door frames, plumbing fixtures, toilet suites, vanity basins, seating and wall tiling. Drainage and electrical services were then relocated, false ceilings replaced, cubicles constructed, and fixtures and fittings installed. The project also involved the connection of a clean air extraction system to/from the swimming pool area which required locating complex mobile scaffolding in the large (water-filled) pool. Access to the construction site which was located within an operational leisure centre adjacent to a high school with direct access to centre facilities], was controlled and functionality of change rooms during the construction period was maintained.