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Project Details

Toilet Facilities [Swanleigh Camp and Conference Centre] - Lot 110 Yule Avenue Middle Swan

Project Brief

The project involved the construction of Class 10A toilet facilities at the Swanleigh Camp and Conference Centre on behalf of the Anglican Church of Australia. Situated in the Swan Valley at the junction of Roe, Reid and Great Northern Highways, the facility hosts school camps, church retreats, sporting club camps, student leadership training days, team workshops, craft retreats and major corporate and community events. Additional toilet amenities were requiired to accommodate the ever-increasing number of people who frequently utilise the facility.

Project Description

The project was completed using structural steel columns, with concrete filled cavity brickwork, timber-framed beams, and timber roof trusses with Colorbond® steel roofing. The facade was further enhanced by the combination of single course face brick work and two course soldier brickwork and stainless steel mesh with painted timber framed surrounds. As the new amenities were situated centrally to the meals/kitchen area, access control and dust suppression was implemented through secure fencing, hoarding and safety signage.