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Project Details

Retail Showroom and Commercial Warehouse - 139 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake

Project Brief

The client required a large workshop to enable casting of a variety of concrete paving units. Load-out pits at the end of the shed were necessary to enable product to be tipped out of trucks. Conveyor belts were also required to transport product to the mixers. The design brief also included a 2000m2 loading / unloading hard stand to cater for heavy vehicles.

Project Description

The office was a tilt-up panel design, while the adjoining 1500m2 production plant and warehouse were built using steel frame and metal sheeting. The building and surrounds incorporated extensive concrete floor slabs poured to withstand heavy truck and forklift loads, while the concrete load-out pits, with their 7m deep sloping sides, presented substantial concrete formwork and pouring challenges. The formwork for the load pits was designed in-house to complete the project. The box shape of the office was broken up by a curved profile to the front panel, together with a projecting portico. The striking colour of the office building and the prominent signage on the main workshop ensure that the business is readily identifiable.